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The latest trailer for Injustice 2 is as cold as ice

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It’s good to be bad. Or the king, if Mel Brooks is to be believed. But seriously, being bad is kind of awesome. They say that only the good die young, which technically makes horrible people like me and our dear president immortal. But I kind of wish that I was a true blue comic book villain, because those guys have all the fun.

All it costs you is a few teeth every couple of weeks from the leather-gloved fists of some maniac dressed up as a flying rat, but the pure liberty dude. Henchmen! Lairs! Is wanting to take over the world actually illegal? NO, I say. Although my gigantic death-laser may be. There’s a new trailer out right now focusing on those more villainous elements that’ll be popping up in Injustice 2. It also includes copious amounts of Bane flexing, just like that time you lifted kettle-bells at gym and felt pumped afterwards, so check it out below:

That latest trailer confirms two new additions to Injustice 2’s roster: The master of fear known as the Scarecrow and the Central City leader of the Rogues known as Captain Cold. It might sound silly that a psychological villain such as the Scarecrow is being added to a punch-happy selection of heroes and villains here, but here me out: The dude can actually fight when writers remember his continuity.

Dr Jonathan Crane happens to have a lanky body frame, which is conveniently perfect for the forms and styles of the Crane class of Kung Fu. Convenient. That actually makes him in certain situations a pretty decent fighter who is able to last those few seconds longer against the Batman than you’d expect him to. I say seconds, because at the end of any encounter Batman is still going to be bugging Alfred to help get blood and straw stains off of his gloves.

As for Captain Cold, his profile has been raised over the last couple of years thanks to Wentworth Miller’s snarky performance as the character on The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. With a gun that fires absolute zero waves of energy and a military background, he’s pretty much the closest that we’ll get to a Sub-Zero cameo in Injustice 2. I’m quite alright with that.

Last Updated: March 31, 2017

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