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Ladies and gentlemen, people of all ages, gather round for your favourite time of year. That’s right, the Lazygamer crew has returned to South Africa and been home long enough to be slightly less jet lagged and regain some of our decision making abilities. Thus, it is time for us to declare the winners of our E3 2015 awards.

Biggest Surprise: The Last Guardian

Last Guardian E3 winner

When announced during the Sony press conference, everyone seemed to go ballistic. The Last Guardian has returned and it’s looking better than ever. After seeing it behind closed doors, I simply had to give it a ribbon. Beyond the fact that the game looks incredible, it has such nuance to the gameplay that I’m seriously excited to get my hands on it.

Honourable mention: Transformers Devastation

Best new IP: Unravel

Unravel E3 winner

No one expected Unravel. An adorable platforms with an emotional story to tell and some deep gameplay, all coming from EA? How could we have known that Yarny would steal the show, and our hearts. People across the industry were taking pictures with him during the show and everyone was talking about how the game elicited an unexpected response. Without a doubt, I’m already in love with this title – well done to EA for showing us a new IP that we can be truly excited about.

Honourable mention: For Honor

Best Open World: Mad Max

Mad Max E3 winner

I really need to put more faith into the Warner Bros stand at E3. Every year, I shrug when the ridiculously nice PR guy escorts me in to see a game that I’m not particularly excited about. Then, a much longer time later than it should have been, they have to drag me out as I rave about how much fun I’m having. Mad Max blew my mind with its open world, and Darryn also got to play and agreed with me wholeheartedly. Plus, it’s coming out soon, which is a nice change of pace compared to some other games on show at E3.

Best PS4 Game: No Man’s Sky

NoMansSky e3 winner

No Man’s Sky is beyond massive. I keep feeling like we need a new vocabulary (or to reclaim the true meaning of words) to express the truly awesome scale of this game. With opportunities for people to play any way they like, No Man’s Sky was an easy favourite at E3. It will push the PS4 to its limits, and let me become a true space explorer. What more could we want?

Best PC Game: XCOM 2

XCOM E3 winner

The PC master race was well represented this year, even getting their own press conference. The games on show for PC were varied and looking good, but one stood out as far and away the best and most anticipated PC game. XCOM 2 is slick and gorgeous, offering hard core strategy, procedural levels and modding – all the words that make PC gamers happy. Of course it snags our award for best PC game at E3.

Honourable mention: Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Best Xbox One Game: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider e3 winner

A refinement of mechanics, expansion on what the reboot established and some incredible tombs to raid. What more could we have asked for? Unlike the falling simulator shown during the Xbox press conference, Alessandro raved about what was shown behind closed doors. Rise of the Tomb Raider is sure to get everyone excited to reunite with Lara and go on an all new adventure. Plus, it looks incredible – how does every game look so amazing these days?

Most Anticipated Game: The Division

The division e3 winner

I was worried about The Division. After so many months without new news, and some rather lacklustre showings at the press conferences, I was starting to lose faith in the game. Then Alessandro and I both got hands on time with the game and I am all aboard the hype train again. I know we have a long time to wait for the game’s release, but it is looking incredible and loads of fun.

Honourable mentions: Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Space Hulk Deathwing, Battlefront

Best of Show: The Division

Division e3 winner

This was a really difficult award to give this year. There were so many awesome games on show, it was really hard to choose. In the end, consensus formed around The Division, although by the time this goes live we might be fighting all over again. E3 2015 was the best E3 in many years – well done to all for what they had on show; we were rather impressed.

Last Updated: June 24, 2015

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