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Have you played BattleBlock theatre? You really should, it’s all kinds of platforming fun! It also has some awesome multiplayer, perfect for trolling and ruining friendships teaching people how to work together. We teamed up with a certain cuddly Wookiee to bring you some gameplay footage.

The game kicks off on the S.S. Friendship, which is soon caught in a freak storm and crashes into a nearby island. The player wakes up, only to find that the land is ruled by… cats? They force the innocent from the shipwreck to perform in the theatre, which just happens to be packed with all manners of platforming death.

There are gems throughout each stage. Collecting a certain number of them will unlock the exit, but there are loads of other hidden ones just waiting to be found. Each level also has a golden ball of yarn, which is normally quite challenging to acquire. Gems and yarn can then be spent on new heads or weapons for the player. Grabbing them isn’t exactly a walk in the park. There are all sorts of puzzles and traps to navigate. Watch out for that laser beam!

It turns out I am quite horrible at platformers.  Thank goodness for the infinite lives and that majestic beard!

The game is available on Steam as well as Xbox 360, all for only $14.99. It’s a bunch of fun, well worth checking out!

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Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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