Lazygamer TV – January 06 Episode SOPA Edition

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What’s that? Don’t have time to read all the news that we’ve posted throughout the week, in order to find out what went on in the world of gaming? Well have no worries then, oh loyal readers, as we have it here for you in one convenient package, ready to be beamed straight into your skull.

It’s Lazygamer TV!

Ok, seems we may have hit a little hitch this week with our production.

Hey, remember that lovely discussion that we were having around the SOPA act yesterday? Well, it seems that we’ve had our first encounter with the future of that act, due to a little copyright violation that I’ve apparently committed.

After wrapping up and producing our weekly Lazygamer TV segment, one of the stories I used happened to be about that paratrooper who hates how Activision allegedly glorifies war. We disagreed with that statement, and included it in the video.

Of course, I needed some moving pictures to go along with that, so I grabbed the Modern Warfare “The Noob and The Vet” advert to use in my explanations.

Oh no wait, I’m not allowed to apparently, because that ladies and gentlemen,  is a copyright violation according to YouTube and Activision.

We’ve contacted the local Activision representatives to help us get some clarification on the matter – but we’re not expecting miracles. If the issue does get resolved in time, we’ll have the vid up pronto.

But just imagine guys, if the SOPA bill does get passed, then this only a taste of things to come. It’s not just humble gaming sites like this that will be affected, it’s going to be everyone else as well when the corporations go on a ban-frenzy.

Sorry we couldn’t deliver on anything for you guys today.


Last Updated: January 6, 2012

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