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Lazygamer TV – Top ten retro games that deserve a reboot

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We’ve spoken before about forgotten games that deserve some reboot love, and we spoke about dead genres earlier this morning that have been more neglected than a state-run hospital. We’re going even further back today though, taking a look at some games that would excel on current platforms, if they were given a splash of HD paint and some remake adjustments.

For the Youtube deprived, here’s the list of games that we chose today:

      • The story of Thor
      • Road Rash
      • The lost Vikings
      • Alien Soldier
      • Eternal Champions
      • Blade Runner
      • Comix Zone
      • Super Mario RPG
      • Wing Commander
      • Streets of Rage 3

Of course, there are so many more games out there, titles which also deserve some love. You guys have had plenty to say about the genres you’d love to see return, so tell us, which other games from yesteryear would tickle your retro-bones?

And as an added bonus, here’s a belchtastic blooper from when I recorded the narration yesterday. And I don’t mind admitting, that it was freaking massive. None of you can hold a candle to my burps. Most likely because the escaping gasses would burn your faces off.

Last Updated: August 3, 2012

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