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E3 has come and gone, and this year happened to have an exceptional showcase of new hardware, games and ideas. There was a ton of quality on offer, from new IPs to familiar sequels that helped to create a memorable show. Here’s our best of selection for 2013.

Biggest Surprise – Murdered: Soul Suspect

E3 best of (15)

See that game? It has you killing that! See that other game? You kill stuff in there as well! Too often we focus on the “shoot it right f$%^ng now aspect of gaming, and not the cause and effect. Murdered: Soul Suspect on the other hand, is less action and more investigation as players look into their own murder.

It looks great, and it flies in the face of the demographics that most high budget games these days pander to. And that’s a mystery that is worth solving.

Best Shooter – Destiny

E3 best of (12)

Bungie has kept their Destiny a closely guarded secret for years now, something that in itself deserves an award in this day and age of internet leaks and hacks. But the reveal was worth it. It’s not enough that the game looks simply gorgeous, but the idea of really connecting with friends online to explore a brave new world is something that looks to be a part of the game that will be welcomed.

Chuck in an artistic vision that is incredible to behold, a variety of enemies spread across our galaxy and a ton more options to really craft your own legend, and we might have the biggest shooter of 2014 on the way.

Most Ambitious – Disney Infinity

E3 best of (1)

Has Disney taken more than just a wee pinch of inspiration from Skylanders for their big budget Infinity project? Without a doubt, yes. But it’s the execution of this idea that really matters, not the figures and accessories that will destroy your bank balance.

Infinity the game itself is in no way like that Activision project. It’s all about creating your own game, with a little help from Disney, and the scale of it all is simply massive. Infinity may be a potential money-maker for Disney, but for consumers, it’ll be money well spent.

Best Sandbox – Saints Row IV


When it came to the game that was pure fun at E3, the decision was obvious. Saints Row IV may not be a massive departure from the third game in terms of locale, visuals or the fact that the development staff clearly has a budget set aside for mind-altering drugs, but it was certainly one of the most fun games at E3.

And when you combine that with attitude of not giving a damn, and throwing everything possible into the blender for this game, from superpowers to dubstep guns, you’ve got one of the most ludicrous showings at E3 possible. And in this case, it was a breath of fresh air from the more serious fare that was on offer.

Best Sequel – Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

E3 best of (18)

The original Lords of Shadow was an underrated gem of a game, bringing the Castlevania series in to the modern era. It had it’s problems though. This new tale of Gabriel Belmont’s demise promises, and largely succeeds, in fixing them – giving players more weapons, tighter combat and more fruitful exploration.

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Best Cross Generation Game – Watch Dogs

E3 best of (10)

Stealing last year’s E3, open-world hack-centric Watch dogs from Ubisoft was shown a little more in-depth at this year’s E3 and it’s just as amazing as it first appeared. Coming to current and next-generation systems, Watch Dogs promises to be a thinking man’s action game.

In Watch Dogs, you don’t just explore the world; you actively control it, by hacking just about everything. With clever use of second-screen gaming and an intriguing take on multiplayer, it’s a sure-fire winner.

Best Xbox One Game – Dead Rising 3

E3 best of (11)

Sure, Forza 5 is pretty, Ryse looks nearly like a film and Titanfall could revolutionise multiplayer – but the one game that had us wishing we could have an Xbox One right now was Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 – which might have the veneer of being a boring, generic, far too serious take on the series, but it’s anything but.

Retaining the trademark silliness, Dead Rising 3 is a technical bit of wizardry, with great graphics, great gameplay and a giant open world – without a load screen in sight.

Best Driving Game – Forza 5

E3 best of (13)

If there’s one genre that is really going to benefit from a new generation of consoles, it’s driving games. The big guns all have something up their sleeves, but it’s the reliable nature of Forza that makes the fifth core game so exciting, as it makes drifting around a corner even more gorgeous than before.

And with a gameplay engine that is accessible to anyone from petrolheads to kids who just got their driving licenses, it looks to be some damn good fun behind the wheel as well.

Best PlayStation 4
Game -  InFAMOUS: Second Son

E3 best of (14)

It might not be revolutionary, but it’s filled with so much character and detail that it was hard not to be taken aback by InFamous: Second Son and its impressive open world.

With an array of new super-powered abilities and some impressive emotive motion capture, InFamous: Second Son is our pick for the best PS4 game – and could well be one of the best superhero games ever made.

Best Strategy Game – Command and Conquer

E3 best of (1)

It’s been a long time, Command and Conquer. The franchise has been eclipsed in recent years, thanks to less than stellar performances from entries such as Red Alert 3 and Command and Conquer 4. But with a new focus, a new direction and an eye towards free to play, the latest Command and Conquer looks like it might restore some balance to the force.

Nostalgic and yet somehow fresh at the same time, the latest game in the Generals universe is the Command and Conquer that fans have been waiting for, a gorgeous strategy game that requires players to not just think and fight hard, but to do so with a sense of urgency as well. Welcome back Commander.

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Best Nintendo Game – The Wonderful 101


There’s no denying the Pikmin and Viewtiful Joe inspiration, but when it comes to that oddball charm and crazy irreverence, nobody delivers like Platinum Games, and they’ve done it again with Wonderful 101, which left both of us smiling like goofy idiots.

It’s unique, colourful and beautiful – and with Hideki Kamija behind it all, you can rest assured that it’ll be a blast to play.

Best Portable game – Tearaway


Sony’s PlayStation Vita is a wonderful little system, but it’s missing its killer app right now; the one game that’s capable of convincing people to buy it. That game could well be LittleBigPlanet purveyor Media Molecule’s Tearaway, a game so charming that it nearly caused us to miss a few E3 meetings.

Tearaway and its paper world possess an almost indescribable beauty, and is the first game to really take advantage of the Vita’s unique controls without coming across as being gimmicky. It’s bursting at the seams with inventive ideas, with charm to match.

Best Multiplayer – Titanfall

E3 best of (16)

Yes, it could probably be easily described as as a hybrid of Call of Duty and Halo with giant Hawken-like Mechs thrown in, but there’s something to it all. With a new perks system, and an attempt to give multiplayer the same cinematic feeling of single-player games, Respawn’s Titanfall really is special.

It all comes down to its scope and map design, with huge levels that are insanely fun to play despite their size.

Best New IP – The Division


As they did at E3 the year before with Watch Dogs, Ubisoft surprised us again with their end-of-conference reveal – only this time with a tactical, online multiplayer survival shooter set in the Tom Clancy universe, The Division.

With the single best use of companion, tablet-gaming, this online shooter/RPG not only looks but also plays like a next-generation game.

Best of Show – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


This year was a hard choice when it came to the best game of E3. We fought about this for ages, nearly deciding to award two games with the accolade. Eventually though, after much, much deliberation, we finally decided upon the one.

The bits of The Witcher 3 that we saw was simply amazing. CD Projekt Red improved on the original game by leaps and bounds for The Witcher 2, and the third game looks set to do the same. It’s gorgeous, insanely detailed and the world itself looks set to take full advantage of the new tech on offer, creating an entirely new dynamic environment within which to explore and hunt. And that’s the kind of progress that all sequels should aspire to.

Last Updated: June 21, 2013

  • DarthofZA

    I think I agree with almost every single one of your selections.

    Where is best graphics though?

    I would think the Witcher3 would also get that.


      Witcher 3 and The Division would probably grab it. both quite beautiful, in very different ways.

    • Well I’m guessing most of the stuff at E3 was “actual game play footage”. So will just have to wait and see when those games hit the shelf.

  • Yolanda Green


  • Sir Twakkus

    Totally agree with the Witcher 3. I have complete confidence in CD Project. Also Generals looks amazing, I have been craving a good C&C game for ages. Hopefully this F2P nonsense wont effect the game too much.

  • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

    Umar’s Best Everything Award goes to …………


    • DarthofZA

      Actually, they forgot Most Disappointing of show… many Knack can get that…. 😀

      • Actually, Knack was my most disappointing. It looked really rad, but Iplayed it…and it bored me. Very much for kids.

        • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

          I could gather that from the videos I’ve seen … snooze fest , thought it was interesting at first though

      • DarthofZA

        I’m hoping the downvote was for writing “many” instead of “maybe”… because the videos I saw showing gameplay, the game looked really, really bad.

        • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

          Lol was really bad…it’s looks like such a lame game….

  • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

    Nice list by the way
    I disagree with Castlevania, I would put Dark Souls 2 there

    • In the end, it will probably be Dark Souls 2 – but having had time with both of them, Dark Souls 2 is really just more Dark Souls, while LoS2 is really, really trying to flesh out the game and make it better.

      And don;t forget, I LOVED Dark souls.

      • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

        Hmmm Okay , I can understand that though, both are still excellent choices though

        • A better sequel, not a better game – if that makes sense.

          • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

            Yep. Dark souls is better than LoS but LoS2 is the better sequel . DS 2 is just more of DS as you mentioned. Excited for LoS2. Just hope it has better frame rates

          • Argentil

            As someone who was hugely underwhelmed by the prequel, and almost fell asleep out of boredom when they showed the (really long) demo during the konami conference, I’m not convinced. Geoff, I am not convinced. Consider me appalled and affronted by your opinion.

          • The beautiful thing about opinions, is that yours suck and mine are right.

          • Argentil

            There are words, and they seem to be arranged in a grammatically correct manner, but they make no sense to me. Intriguing.

          • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

            Loooool. I really liked the reboot. Then again i’m a castlevania fan boy…yet another thing i’m a fanboy of….bleh!

          • Argentil

            I got to the first boss fight, and was like: Hey! This is like Shadow of the Colossus!
            Then it was clunky and glitchy and make me sad. Then I stopped playing shortly after. I liked the VA, the accent was a pleasant change from the US and faux-British accents.
            Demon’s Souls was excellent because it’s VA cast was an interesting mix of accents. And now I’m off-track again.

          • Should have played more of LoS. It got better, I promise.

          • Argentil

            Says the ‘better than Dark Souls 2’ guy!

          • Umar Kiiroi Senk?

            It gets really awesome hey. But hey.personal taste…from gameplay to know which game has the best VA…ni no kuni…drippy for the win with his welsh accent lol but ye LoS has damn va

          • Argentil

            I LOVED Drippy’s voice actor. Youer a tidy one, you are!

  • HvR

    Best weapon at E3.

    Saints Row 4’s Dubstep gun, remember to wait for the drop before it fires.

    • Can’t watch. But my mind is just blowing up with ideas for a Dupstep gun 🙂

    • I EFFING LOVED the dubstep gun. And I could easily have spent hours just firing that thing. BZZZZ WOWWWWWWWWWWW BBRBRBRBRBRBRBRB BZXZZZZZZZZ

    • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

      Geoff isn’t joking. That gun is ridiculously fun for some insane reason.

      • HvR

        Hope they add autotune grenade and step drop mine.

  • Hammersteyn

    No Ghosts? What a great list this is.

    • We didn’t post it, but it won our award for “Best Call of Duty Game” at E3 this year.

    • HvR

      Got the E3 Epol award

      • Gustav Willem Diedericks

        Darn, they should have used Pedigree. No wonder fluffy looks so…blocky

  • Rinceyouropinion

    No MG?

  • Albertus van Rensburg

    What happened to MGS. Why that not mentioned! It was awesomeness squared with a cherry on top demmit. 🙂

    • It looks cool and all, but we really didsn;t get to see any more of it than you did from MS’s conference.

      • Rinceyouropinion

        So he gets a reply?! Damn you Geoff! Damn you! *Takes out Geoff doll and looks for needles…

  • Tbone187

    If only the Division was sp…

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew


  • Argentil

    I agree with most of your choices, but I don’t think The Division deserves best new IP, there’s very little that’s truly different and exciting about it outside of it’s networking features. It’s a Tom Clancy borderlands by Ubisoft with characteristics of all three melded into one (in a horribly oversimplified manner of speaking). I realise this opinion will be unpopular, but I just can’t give this game the level of praise everyone else can.

  • macharn

    Im telling yall Witchers Hunt 3 is going to exactly like Skyrim but different combat and its going to be very anticipated

  • Ltrick

    Destiny for Best Shooter? I assume you didn’t get to play the Battlefield 4 pre-alpha then

    • We did…and while the scope is incredible, the Shanghai map isn’t very well designed – plus the game crashed all the time, and was actually /broken/ in that people kept gettinn tripped within buildings.

      • Ltrick

        I guess that those are the things they don’t show you. I watched lvlcaps and jackfrags vids and the game looks super awesome. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it. But ja, guess they don’t show you the flaws. They were running on the “xbox one” emulators correct?

        • They were Razer-branded PC’s, with wired Xbox One controllers.

          • Ltrick

            ok ok. I’m confused here. I remember reading that the game was being demonstrated on the xbone. I also read that the pre-alphas were being run on beasts. Does this mean the the initial demo with all of the DICE devs were run on the xbox emus? Xbox one controllers on pc? Will one be able to do that day one?

      • HvR

        Letting people play on an alpha (or before alpha) build. Never good idea.

        Even if you know it is an alpha build if you see a crash and faults that is going to stuck in the back of your head when the final version gets released and you need to review it.

  • Paul Fouche

    AMAZING selection i personally cannot wait for the Division RAWR! C&C also looks awesome ( hoping they get that involved with Esports) and Titanfall looks like an interesting concept
    ES online well i cannot wait for that either i wonder why that wasnt on the list

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