League of Legends has some ridiculously high numbers

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Whenever I check my news feeds lately, League of Legends is there, like a persistent boil gained from a Vietnamese massage parlour visit. The game is popular. Like really, really, popular. So how many people are actually playing it on a regular basis then?

LoL (lol) developer Riot Games recently released the following data for the game, with numbers that are pretty much biblical when it comes to scale. There’s some really high numbers here, such as the 32 million active players stat, which makes one wonder if the people involved have been knocking down some cough syrup smoothies lately.

But 12 million people playing every single? Based on how much news and controversy surrounds the game, I don’t find that hard to believe, but it is staggering overall.


Dayumn! No wonder Yolanda has been hassling the rest of the crew to join her and click on all the things. That’s a pretty impressive bunch of numbers so far. I wonder how much of it is really true though?

Last Updated: October 12, 2012

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