League of Legends patch brings the undead juggernaut

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SIONHEADERLeague of Legends patch brings the undead juggernaut

Riot Games are giving League of Legends a lore buff. So far, it seems to be working rather well for them. They are using this new overhaul as an excuse to add new champions, flesh out backstories, and fix any champions they are no longer happy with. Their latest focus is Sion, who has been reworked somewhat. He is now playable with the latest 4.18 patch.

A little over a week ago, Riot chatted about why they decided to reimagine the champion.

Old Sion had countless problems: he was a mage with an axe, he’d end up with two redundant abilities regardless of how he built, his model had aged horribly, and he had some pretty… interesting voiceover. Worst of all, none of these “qualities” actually worked together, so while modern champion designs try to create a cohesive identity through their gameplay, story and art, Sion was all over the place. After deliberating as a full group, we – the Champion Update team – decided to undertake our grandest project yet, updating Sion’s art, narrative and gameplay. We basically buried old Sion, ordered the orbital strike, then picked through the rubble to find the diamonds we could carry through in his update.


Only a few champions are free to play every week in League of Legends and the roster is enormous. I never got to play the old Sion (I must have missed his free rotations… several times), so I can’t really comment on whether he was a good champion or not. I’ve seen what he can do now though, and it’s scary as hell. Check out his champion spotlight:

A tanky Sion will be perfect in a team fight, while a more damage oriented one will dish out some hurt, even after death. Basically, he’s scary, and if you see him charging at you, prepare to dodge like there is no tomorrow, or accept your fate of DOOM!

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Judging by the few YouTube comments I have read, it’s a mixed affair. Some people are happy with the rework, while others are requesting old Sion remains playable. I don’t know, change can really be good. I like that Riot aren’t scared to fix things they consider outdated or old.

There are some balance changes to other champions too in this latest patch. You can read them right here on the League of Legends blog. It should be out sometime today or tomor… oh hang on, my game just started updating. I guess it’s out now. Are you ready to give Sion a bash?

Last Updated: October 9, 2014

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • SideEffectZA

    He’s really strong. A full charge of his Q can take quite a substantial portion of HP from an enemy champ. Plus he’s such a massive disrupt in team fights. And if he’s full tank….so much sustain.

  • z1n

    huh, you have to pay to play the hero? um, ok. how much?

    • hairyknees

      Na the roster rotates 🙂 you can purchase him for real or in-game currency to use full time though if you want.

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