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League of Legends releases a new mission for Omega Squad skins

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League of Legends is still going strong, and players can set themselves apart from the rest thanks to a new mission in the game. Players can earn special skins as well as a veteran icon. Here’s the silly, rescue Teemo trailer to show off the new in-game event:

How does it all work? Well, it’s pretty simple as explained on the League of Legends site:

Your orders are simple. Play one matchmade game where someone on either team is using an Omega Squad Skin to earn the Omega Squad Recruit Icon. The other five training missions—one from each operative—will each grant you one Omega Squad Token. Combine all five tokens to craft the Omega Squad Veteran Icon.

Players have until 21 August 2017 to craft the tokens into the Omega Squad Veteran Icon, after which point all tokens will disappear. Sure, it’s just an in-game event, but it seems quite silly and a lot of fun.

League of Legends is still one of the most popular esports titles, with more people watching the Championships than watched the golf Masters or NBA Finals. Part of what makes League of Legends so successful is that it’s free and players of all levels can jump into the action, rise through competitive play and eventually even be discovered and go pro. Everyone feels like they can be part of the community, can learn something from the professionals and improve their gameplay. So, events like these helps retain players, keep interest going in the game and reignite passion and entertainment after the finals have finished and people are wondering if its still worthwhile playing.

Personally, I haven’t played League of Legends in years. I’d be curious with all the changes if I wouldn’t enjoy it again. Are any of you still playing this or Dota 2, or is everyone in the world playing CS:GO instead?

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Last Updated: July 28, 2017

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