Leaked pictures from Dragon Age Keep

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One of my favourite things about sprawling RPG’s that span multiple games is that your save carries through, bringing with it the choices you’ve made and their consequences. I don’t think any would have quite liked Mass Effect nearly as much if that wasn’t the case. The same will hold true for the impressive Dragon Age: Inquisitions – but there’s a problem. Many will be playing this game on new systems. That’s where Dragon Age Keep comes in to play.

While there’s no fancy system to import save games from PC, Xbox 360 or PS3 to the Xbox One or PS4 that doesn’t mean those of you who’ve transitioned to a different console – or even from an old console to PC – won’t have your choices carry through.

The Keep is a system that allows you to remake those choices through a web-based front end, and then import that created save in to Dragon Age: Inquisitions when that game is out later this year. It means you’ll be able to fight with a bunch of menus and images instead of Dragons and Qunari if you want to continue your legacy in the next chapter of Dragon Age.

The whole thing functions as a questionnaire, asking you to select things that will have an outcome on the events of Inquisition. It does contain quite a  number of spoilers for the first Dragon Age games, so unless you’ve played through those games, you may want to give these leaked pictures  – and the tool itself – a miss.


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Last Updated: August 21, 2014