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Left 4 Dead’s Spiritual Successor is Finally Here – Back 4 Blood

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Battle Royale games might be the new hot thing in the gaming world but one of the genres that a lot of us grew up playing was the zombie shooters. And while there haven’t been many “good” zombie games out there that we could play, with others getting overshadowed by a plethora of modern shooters!

However, there is one title that most of the zombie fps lovers still remember and love to this day. Although it’s been years since the game was released back in 2008, Left 4 Dead still remains to be the best zombie shooter of all time. If you’re looking to play this classic, the best way to do it is to head over to Gamecamp.gg and grab yourself the cheapest cd key for the game.

But now that its sequel, Back 4 Blood is in the works and hopefully getting released soon, the Left 4 Dead fans can’t be any more happier as all they’ve been spending money on was a Dead by Daylight account! The Beta is already out and kicking it off with a lot of players, it’s time we took a deep dive into the game!

Back 4 Blood Gameplay

First things first let’s talk about the gameplay of the game. As the game is already out as a Beta version, we can actually see what to expect from the final version and by the looks of it the game is pretty damn awesome with a lot of new changes to the game while keeping it true to its root. The gameplay is pretty much the same as Left 4 Dead, as you go on a killing spree with your friends to survive in the post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world, where one wrong decision might be your last one.

You start with a number of characters to pick from, which I enjoy since each one has their own set of talents and powers that make them distinct, but you can also alter the abilities of the characters using the new card-deck system that the creators have added. You choose from a deck of cards that decide whether the player receives extra health, improved stats, or something totally different.

When it comes to the matches, there is also a card system known as the cautious cards that alters the game’s environment. You can make it foggy, with dense smoke covering the area, making it difficult to spot these creepy zombies, or you can make it dark, with no electricity at all, making it even more spooky. As a result, there are several alternatives to explore, making it very different from its predecessor.

As for what else has changed, I can say that the weapon system has improved a lot over time and the developers have done extremely well with the weapons. There are a plethora of weapon choices, each with their own characteristics, which makes them stand out and let the players pick the perfect weapon that actually suits their playstyle. I really love the fact how the developers have managed to pull off so many weapons in a realistic way.

Furthermore, there are several attachments to select from; you may obtain these attachments during the match, and there are numerous weapons on which you can use these attachments to improve their performance. With the exception of ammo clips, there are little restrictions on which attachments may be used with certain guns. Overall, I believe the gameplay is very wicked and it fully reflects the game’s origins, which is why so many people are enthusiastic about it.

New Zombies

We’ve arrived at one of the most crucial portions of the game: zombies! And, like Left 4 Dead, this game has managed to capture the pleasure of tearing zombie heads off and surviving to the best of our abilities. Furthermore, the creators have included additional zombies with various skills and capabilities. They are divided into four basic classes, each of which has three zombies that are only slightly different from one another.

Some of these zombies are quicker than others, some need more damage to kill, some are smarter than others, and some are simply stuck to the walls waiting for someone to come along!

Back 4 Blood has done a lot to ensure that you get the greatest experience possible while staying true to the origins of its predecessor, and I believe that is what makes the game so enjoyable to play! Millions of gamers across the world are enjoying the Beta, and I can’t wait for the final edition to be published!

Last Updated: November 22, 2021

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