Leipzig Day One – A Summary

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This may not be E3, but that doesn’t mean that Leipzig is not going to produce some really good news, today being the first day has already proved that and has left most anticipating more. While the usual hands on previews have all been released there has still been a lot of announcements being made but many of the big players in the game.

While not much was expected from Sony, they did announce three new hardware products which included a 160Gb Playstation 3 bundle, new psp-3000 bundles and a wireless ps3 keyboard. The 160Gb PS3 bundle will be a limited edition bundle, including Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, a PSN download for PAIN and a DS3 control. It will be released in November for a similar price to the 80GB MGS4 bundle.

The psp-3000 is an upgraded psp with a view towards communication on skype, the psp will ship with a built in microphone which will eliminate the headset previously used for skype communication. There will be two new bundles featuring the new psp. A Ratchet and Clank bundle which will include a silver psp and a 1Gb memory stick and a 4Gb bundle which will be the psp and a 4Gb memory stick.


Finally, the Bluetooth wireless keyboard which can be attached to the ps3 control allowing gamers an easier way of communicating over PSN, also being released this November

Along with the announcements from Sony came the first looks at Codemasters new games, Overlord II and their newest open-world racer Fuel Impressions. EA also got in on the action with a playable demo of their newest addition to the Need for Speed franchise, NFS: Undercover. EA also announced that they will be releasing a new Tennis Franchise to add to their array of sporting titles which will debut on the Nintendo Wii making use of the control system and will feature the England Lawn Tennis club or the place where Wimbledon is played for those unfamiliar with tennis.

Konami also released information on their upcoming titles, with movies of Enchanted Folk and the School of wizardry for the DS and Castlevania Judgment for the wii. However the interest was generated around Konami’s biggest franchise, the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The game will include new “legend mode”, the crowd, player models and kits have all been revamped and Wembley will be in the game. PES 2009 will be released in October. Another game which Konami focus on, was GTI Club + for PSN which will allow up to 8 players online and will be released in November.

While Leipzig could be considered more as the games convention where everybody gets to play the games they first heard about at E3, the first day has shown that most companies are taking it more seriously and if the first day is anything to go by, the next couple days are going to be just as action packed. If anything is for certain, its that gamers are not going to be disappointed.

Last Updated: August 21, 2008

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