Level up faster with Gears of War’s Season Pass

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We here at Lazygamer are not big fans of Season Passes. Essentially, you’re pre-ordering DLC, paying for something that might not even have been properly conceptualised yet. Usually you’ll get some half-arsed map packs, maybe some single player content but usually end up with an empty virtual wallet. Gears of War: Judgement, which we’ve already told you will have a Season Pass, is adding something else to the mix – a permanent Double XP boost.

Gears’ “VIP Season Pass" will give its purchasers a  permanent double XP boost, earlier access to multiplayer maps, two add-on DLCs that contain six multiplayer maps, two new modes, five exclusive weapon skins and four unique armour skins for the low, low price of just 1600 MS banana dollars.

Permanent Double XP boost? Sounds a heck of a lot like “paying to win,” doesn’t it?

Not necessarily.

If it’s anything like Gears of War 3’s “levels,” then all it does is add cosmetic and aesthetic upgrades, but seeing as there’s a new “class based” multiplayer system in place for Judgement I wouldn’t be too surprised if XP did a little more this time.

Remember, there’s a pretty amazing Gears of War: Judgement Tournament coming up where you could win slick prizes like a huge damned TV – and with a Season Pass, you could have twice the XP as everybody else. Winning!

Last Updated: February 27, 2013

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