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Li-Ming nerfed further in the latest Heroes of the Storm balance update

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When it was announced that Li-Ming would be entering the Heroes of the Storm Nexus, I got stupidly excited. The wizard is my favourite class from Diablo III, and I’d waited what felt like forever to see some of those arcane spells made available in Blizzard’s MOBA.

I was not disappointed when they were. Magic missiles? Disintegrate? What’s not to like?

After having gone up against her several times though, I can confirm that Li-Ming feels just a little too strong. Don’t believe me? Well, she’s been nerfed once already, and now, in the latest balance update, she’s been made even weaker. Here’s an overview of what’s changed in her kit:

Magic Missiles (Q)

  • Now deals 50% damage against Structures

Mirrorball (Talent)

  • Now also increases the Mana cost of Magic Missiles by 5

Fireflies (Talent)

  • Now also reduces the Mana cost of Magic Missiles by 5

Disintegrate (R)

  • Temporal Flux (Talent): Slow amount reduced from 60% to 40%

Magic Missiles were not designed with the intent of dealing heavy Siege damage, so we are halving it against Structures. Li-Ming’s level 16 Talents are all incredibly valuable and fun to play with, but Mirrorball added too much power without any kind of drawback. The shifts in Mana costs should help sweeten the pot for players who want to spec into Fireflies. As for Temporal Flux . . . well, let’s just say we were so in love with Li Ming’s overwhelmingly powerful level 20 Talents that we misjudged how demoralizing a 60% slow could be to play against when its cooldown constantly reset.

Dammit, I haven’t even gotten around to buying her, and she’s already a little less powerful! I’m all for balance though, so I’m happy Blizzard are making appropriate changes to make Li-Ming a little more fair all around.

She’s not the only hero to have received changed however. Falstad, Grymane, Valla, Abathur, Zagara, Kharazim, Artanis, and Sonya have all received some tweaking. You can find out all about their changes right here.

Interestingly enough, Heroes of the Storm’s latest hero, Xul, has received zero alterations. Blizzard must be happy with how he sits in the meta currently. He hasn’t been out for too long though, so that may well change in future.

Last Updated: March 10, 2016

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