Limbo creeping onto Xbox One?

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The new generation of consoles is supposed to usher in a new dawn of gaming, allowing developers everywhere to capitalize on new hardware to once again push visual and audio boundaries. That hasn’t exactly happened yet. Instead we’re being treated to slightly prettier versions of games we’ve already played, and Limbo might join the growing list soon.

Yes, even indie games are primed for a facelift lately. Limbo was a standout title that debuted on the Xbox 360 a while ago. Since then it’s made its way onto PC, PlayStation, Mac and even iPhone. Its creepy atmosphere and rather superb puzzles make it a must-have in any collection, and soon you may be able to add it to your growing Xbox One library.

The Korean Rating Board has listed Limbo on the Xbox One, following a supposed filling by Microsoft last week. Believe it or not, a lot of these listings eventually turn out to be true, which means you may be running from silhouette spiders in 1080p very soon.

Played, developers of Limbo, have always maintained a close relationship with Microsoft since the debut of their game. Their next title, titled Inside, is launching first on the Xbox One next year. Re-releasing Limbo could act as a reminder to a lot of people who Playdead really are, considering they haven’t exactly made anything as noteworthy since.

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I’ve purchased Limbo on two platforms already, so if there’s any truth to the listing then I’ll probably be giving it a skip. But if you have yet to dive into the grim world of Limbo and only have an Xbox One on hand, then this may be the HD remaster you’ve been waiting for. Otherwise, it’s fairly cheap (and out now) for PC.

Last Updated: October 20, 2014

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