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Last week we alerted you to the coup d’état over at Lionhead’s official site, where Che Guevara had overthrown the place, probably a teaser about something happening at GamesCom. Since then, the site’s been updated daily replacing each revolutionary figure and his controversial quote with another. The accompanying surreptitious number is counting down, lending credence to something being revealed at GamesCom.

Seems like Peter Molyneux is promising to revolutionise video gaming. Again.

If you haven’t been paying eagle-eyed attention to, hit the jump for a recap.

  • Thursday saw the initial teaser, an image of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara and the quote "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love." (6)
  • On Friday we were greeted by French revolutionary, dictateur sanguinaire and evil bastard Maximilien Robespierre with the quote, "Terror is only justice: prompt severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country." (5)
  • Saturday the site featured America’s 16th President Abraham Lincoln, commonly credited with abolishing slavery in North America. He was quoted with, "Be not deceived, revolutions do not go backward." (4)
  • Finally, on Sunday the site was updated to feature Greek philosopher Aristotle who said "He who is to be a good ruler must have first been ruled." (3)

What could it all mean? It does seem quite exciting, but considering Lionhead is helmed by Molyneux, the world champion at over-hyping and under-delivering I’m going to do my best to keep my excitement in check. Right now, if you consider the monochromatic nature of the images and the “thumbs up, thumbs down” mechanic my instincts are telling me we should expect the announcement of a new Black & White game soon. Possibly featuring Natal controls.

Last Updated: August 17, 2009

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