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Music is important for games. It’s one of the primary drivers for emotion – I will never forget how I felt while playing Nier when some of those incredible tracks played. Dragon Age: Inquisition will also feature some incredible music, and you can get a taste of the soundtrack by listening to the title theme.

Posted on SoundCloud, have a listen to this epic theme:

Michael Kent, the audio director for the game explains what makes a powerful video game soundtrack:

I think what makes a powerful soundtrack is strong themes. If you look at movies like Star Wars, they had very strong and memorable themes. Everyone knows Darth Vader’s theme.

Having music play when appropriate is very important, and too much music can numb the players’ emotions, so it’s really important to find a balance. Less is more with music to get as much emotional impact as you can.

I think this is the right approach; music needs to be present with strong and recognizable themes, but without being too heavy handed. Most people will only notice sound or lighting in games if there are problems – if it’s done well, you don’t even perceive its existence without paying special attention to it. Knowing that this balance was important to the audio director gives me a lot of hope that I probably won’t even be aware of the music of Dragon Age, until I decide to specifically tune my brain in to it.

Does listening to this music get your excited for the game? Do you like the way Bioware deals with sound design in general, or are there other things you care about more?

Last Updated: October 30, 2014

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