Local 2 on 2 Gears of War Tournament

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2 on 2 Gears of War tournamentSo I get an email today saying that Nick has some business meeting he needs to go to and he would like me to do the afternoon shift today… It all sounded legit until I got a surprise email from gamerlobby.

Apparently Gamerlobby has joined forces with The Lair once again to bring us another Epic tournament, this time with Gears of War… so no surprises where Nick really is this afternoon….

You may remember that they teamed up earlier this year to bring that Call of Duty 4 tournament that was a great success, the only problems mentioned were that the rules were a little anal at times and took some of the fun out of the tournament.

It seems that they have listened to our drunken pleas and have relaxed the stringent rules this time around while staying a professional and well organised machine.

So if you think you and your best mate are the best Gears of War team in South Africa then this is your time to prove it, for a nominal entrance fee you will get the chance to win a ton of prizes and prove that you are the Gears champion… if you’re lucky you may even get the chance to take on the current SA champs…

Click through here to sign up and please do us proud…

*For all the guys who enjoyed the COD4 tournament I am sure you will be glad to hear that TheBanMan is back and looking forward to more inebriated commentary from the Alpacas (make me proud).

Last Updated: October 13, 2008

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