Zoe has mentioned Snailboy and the company behind them, Thoopid, on a few occasions over the past while but I have to admit I haven’t really paid that much attention. It’s not like I don’t want local developers to do well it’s just that I’ve learned to wait until a game is released before getting excited.

Well the Cape Town based crew of 5 behind the new game have now released it and Snailboy is now available in the iTunes app store.

Stop what you are doing right now and go and buy Snailboy by clicking here. It’s $1.99 and is a fantastic investment in local talent.

Here is their release trailer.

I’ve only played 10 or so levels so I’m not ready to give a critical assessment on the quality and worth of the game however to say it is of international standard is doing a disservice to the crew of Thoopid.

There is absolutely no way you would think this game is a small indie development based in South Africa, you would easily think this is the latest game from Rovio or King, except the graphics are better.Snailboy is currently listed in the Best New Games category on the iStore and according to Thoopid it is currently number 95 on the top paid apps listing.

Never going to look at a snail the same again

So you’ve got a local developer with an incredibly good looking and fun game that is available right now for iOS devices and with an Android version under development. Could it get any better than that? Well yes it can, the game was apparently fully developed and released in under a year.

Are Thoopid primed to become the first local developers to break into the international market in a big way? I truly hope so; we so desperately need a thriving local gaming industry, to actually capitalise on all of the great ideas floating around MakeGamesSA.

For you cheapskates and non-iOS people out there, Snailboy will be at rAge so make sure you drop by and give the guys and girls a high-5 for their excellent work.

iOS people, go buy it now.

Last Updated: October 1, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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