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Local PS3 Shortage

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PS3, that is all...

This seems to be a must do thing in this generation of consoles.

Initially it was the Nintendo Wii that was (and still is) suffering a shortage, then in the beginning of this year the Xbox 360 went through a stock shortage that is only ending now.

I guess the PS3 was feeling left out because it to now is hard to find.

I got an email from Dale last week stating that he had been to no less than 9 different stores and none of them had any stock, so I sent of an email to SK and low and behold it’s true.

There is currently a local PS3 shortage due to an unexpected high demand… I guess GTA really did shift consoles locally….

Apparently more stock is on it’s way and for now the best advice is if you see one grab it quick…. it may be the last one for a while..

I was hoping for an announcement of some new bundles or a price drop but both of those have been denied…

Last Updated: May 19, 2008

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