LoL 2014 World Championship Finals kick off this weekend

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You’d think with the way I go on about Dota 2, it’s the biggest and most popular MOBA in the world. Truth is, it’s arguably more popular in South Africa than its largest contender, League of Legends. For the rest of the world though, LoL is the one to watch and has a much larger following. The world championship has been under way for the last few weeks, and the last showdown is finally within reach. Which team will take the top spot for 2014 in the final this weekend?

First off, what has happened in the rest of the tournament? (via LoLeSports)


Looks like we have Samsung White and Star Horn Royal Club in the final. As far as I know, they have not played each other at any other point in the tournament, so it will be interesting to see who will win. Samsung White are the favourites though if I’m not mistaken.

The International for Dota 2 takes place over a much shorter period of time. This however, is dragged out over several days and weeks. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Some people don’t realise that a game of MOBA (especially these which are best of 5 per match up) can take several hours to complete. I can’t even imagine how mentally straining and stressful it must be!

I followed some of the games on Twitch and I was mighty impressed. Valve could definitely learn a thing or two when it comes to interface and production value when compared to League of Legends. If you’d be interested in watching the final ceremony and the final itself, it kicks off this Sunday at 8am our time (if my time zone calculations are correct). Bookmark this page, you can follow the action right here:

Watch live video from Riot Games on

As a matter of interest, a documentary was also released before the start of the championship this year. There are three episodes, totalling over an hour or so. It shows just how far Riot Games have come since the very first championship, as well as gives insight into some of the lives of the participating players as well as how high the stakes are. Some teams practice around 14 hours a day! It’s well worth the watch, I would definitely recommend it.

Last Updated: October 14, 2014

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