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Looking to buy a League of Legends team? We hope you have $500K

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It’s not uncommon for a Multigaming Organization to have multiple teams under the same title. Normally, this isn’t an issue, but when it comes to the League of Legends Championship Series it’s unfortunately not allowed. In other titles teams have usually had separate divisions: One in Europe and one in the United States. This is the situation Team Dignitas find themselves in now. They already had a North American team in the series, but their most recently acquired Danish team outperformed the rest in the challenger series and have thus qualified for the LCS. Dignitas owner Michael O’Dell put it perfectly: “It’s a nice problem to have.”

Team Dignitas – North America

Being forced to drop a team, how could this be a good problem? Well, if you’re wanting to buy a League of Legends team on the LCS circuit, the bidding starts at $500,000. Not only will O’Dell be selling off one his teams, he will also be selling off a spot in the LCS. The LCS is one of the biggest, most watched eSports tournaments in the world only rivaled by Valve’s annual Dota 2 International. Some would say the exposure of having a team in the LCS is priceless, but there are rumours out that bids are flying in, and they’re far from priceless.

So who is throwing money at a group of talented gamers? O’Dell has not specifically given an answer, but in a chat with PC Games N, he stated that offers are coming in from the Middle East. This makes perfect sense as the Middle East has been a major in flux of cash flow for many eSports titles. Naturally for O’Dell selling off a team is the same to him as selling off an organ. He would need to trust the parties and in a sense approve of their intentions when buying the team. According to the source, some bigger names have already expressed interest (perhaps big teams who failed to qualify), but whoever buys the team will have to adhere to Riot’s strict rules and regulations.

Team Dignitas – Europe

The other issue at hand is which team will be sold. Team Dignitas are a well renowned organization who have played in the LCS before. The North American team has had relevant success in the League, but the up and coming Danish hopefuls have impressed fans of Dignitas. As of now no real statement has been made as to which team will be sold, it all depends on the buyer and the overall decision of the organization. O’Dell has ensured that whichever team is sold, he will make sure they are taken care of.

Naturally O’Dell wants to keep the team he feels is going to win. That is the nature of any competitive sport, we’re all here to win.

Source: PC Games N

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Last Updated: September 15, 2015

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