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Looks like Comic Con South Africa was a bust

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Somehow, this is relevant

We’re pretty much starved for comic book conventions this side of the globe. Actually, I’m flatout lying, there’s a bunch of great ones that occur annually, including Free Comic Book Day, Kin-Con, ICON and Up-Con scratching that particular itch. Pity that the same couldn’t be said for Comic-Con South Africa, amirite?

With a day to go before tens of people could be squeezed into a venue that had already seen a few vendors pull out, zero backing or affiliation from the 100% legit Comic Con owners and a hastily assembled link to “Marvel South Africa”, things weren’t looking good for the event.

And so it was cancelled. Hardly surprising though, is it? Event organiser Tlou Ramatlhodi dodged questions left and right, the attention from the original article posted pointed out more holes than a block of Swiss cheese, and the three weeks notice to set up something that was meant to be of international quality was ludicrous at best.

It’s also a blow to me, because I was planning on taking advantage of that “Cosplay girls get free entry” clause in the promotion to dress up as Sakura from the Naruto manga and save a few bucks on entry. That boob job was all for nothing.

But seriously, I don’t want people to fail in life. The thing is, when you reach out to a community that would welcome such an event with open arms, you owe it to them to do a proper job, not try and score some quick bucks by leeching of the popularity of a well known event.

And before I leave, here’s that list once again of upcoming, real conventions, as well as the list of venues that are supporting Free Comic Book Day on Star Wars Day, May 4. Go show some love and support fellas.

Last Updated: April 29, 2013

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