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Looks like DayZ might have some competition. Sort of

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One way to survive a Zombie outbreak,is to become a Necrophiliac, they hate that.

Thanks to some informative bright sparks in the comments section, it looks like DayZ might not be so difficult to obtain after all. Still, as is the norm in the gaming industry, whenever one game manages to be wildly successful and critically acclaimed, a rival shall appear. That’s the case with The War Z, a horribly-named upcoming game that is looking to tap into the undead market, but with less realism.

While the ArmA 2 mod, DayZ, is a hyper-realistic take on survival, from food, water, weapon maintenance and Stockholm Syndrome, The War Z (It get’s worse every time I say/write/type that), is looking to capture the same atmosphere, but to do so on its own terms.

Talking to IGN, Hammerpoint developer Eric Nordin explained how The War of Z (HHHHRNNNGHHH!) would compare to the insanely popular DayZ. "The major difference is that DayZ is a fantastic mod for a hardcore military simulation game’, Nordin said.

“We are creating a standalone game, with the entire world designed around a zombie apocalypse, so that players feel completely immersed in that environment." Some more involved RPG mechanics will also come to play with this game-whose-title-shall-not-be-named, and after being in development since last year, the MMO will be releasing soon, on PC.

So there you have it folks, even more zombies to shoot into a fine red mist. I swear, this genre is as infectious as the source material, I tells ya…

Last Updated: July 20, 2012

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