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Lost Planet 3 arrives June 28 (Screenshots galore inside!)

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The year is unknown. But it is futurey. Humanity has taken to the stars, discovering new planets, worlds that were formerly “lost”. Between fighting one another and surviving hostile environments, a new threat has emerged. One with more than two legs, and proving to be far better than Orson Welles could ever have predicted. I’m talking bugs man! Do you want to know more?

Capcom is bringing out a new Lost Planet game, just in time for someone’s birthday. A prequel to the first two games, players will once again find themselves in a frozen wasteland fraught with danger, from rogue human elements through to the insect Akrids. Jim Peton is your hero of the hour, as he’ll be exploring an uncharted world while learning more about the natural energy source of that planet, that goes by the name of Thermal Energy.

Capcom is promising new gameplay ideas, storylines and variety with their latest third-person shooter, as well as an expanded multiplayer setup. Here’s the press release that we were sent, detailing this in full:

  • Return to extreme conditions – Taking the series back to its roots Lost Planet 3 returns to E.D.N. III,  delivering a dynamic game world that’s more dangerous than ever before.
  • Brave the terrifying – Play as blue collar worker Jim, risking assignments in treacherous conditions to earn his hazard pay and return home to his family. Home away from home
  • Protect yourself from hostile Akrid and the unpredictable ice storms on E.D.N. III with your utility rig. Equipped with an assortment of tools, including the new winch that can grab your enemies at range and the drill that can destroy creatures of any size, players will need to learn to use the rig to their advantage in order to survive.
  • Gameplay Variety – Take to the extreme conditions on foot or utilize the safety of the rig for first person combat sequences.
  • Stormy weather – The ever changing weather system of E.D.N. III affects the way you play with conditions that create an imposing environment players will need to adapt to.
  • Intense, cinematic experience – Developed with the Unreal Engine 3, Lost Planet 3 presents a visually stunning and unique terrain that impacts the gameplay.
  • Killer enemies – The Akrid are back, bigger and angrier. The new Carrier Akrid unleashes smaller defender organisms at its attackers. The Carrier is also able to get up and close to impale foes with its powerful front legs. Using Jim’s weapons or his Rig to uncover the core hidden beneath a hard outer shell will be the only way to take this beast down.
  • Save your energy! – Harvest energy by planting thermal posts and use the supply to upgrade your weapons. The longer you leave your post in the ground the more energy you’ll source but this reward brings with it the threat of increasing Akrid reproduction, adding even more risks to the unstable environment. Will the reward  be worth the risk? Reveal the hidden truths of E.D.N. III – The uncharted world has many secrets locked away. What is E.D.N. III hiding? All will be revealed in Lost Planet 3.
  • Lonely Planet? – Lost Planet 3 will support a full set of multiplayer modes that enhance players experience of the Lost Planet world. 


Lost Planet 3 will be out on all the major consoles and platforms, June 28.

Last Updated: March 6, 2013

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