Madworld : No Support for 480p

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Madword480i Madworld, the upcoming tricolour gore-fest has been confirmed to run at only 480i, and not the more HD-TV friendly progressive scan 480p. The confirmation comes courtesy of Matt Casamassina’s blog on IGN, who defended Madworld developers Platinum games saying –

“Usually, lack of 480p support can be credited to developer laziness. No way such a claim can be leveled at Platinum Games or MadWorld. This is a AAA developer which constantly pushes the artistic limits and MadWorld is the latest proof of that. I’m wondering, then, if the studio simply wasn’t aware that 480p is "kind of a big deal" for a chunk of Wii owners.”

Is it really that big a deal? If you’re looking for crisp visuals, are you maybe not playing on the wrong console?

Source : IGN Blogs

Last Updated: February 24, 2009

Geoffrey Tim

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