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Mafia 2

Yesterday we posted up a quickfire competition to celebrate the release of Mafia 2 which is available in stores right now. To ensure you don’t waste your entire weekend hoping you have won but haven’t I have decided to post the winners up now instead of Monday.

So everybody except Zack De Jager should now be rushing out the door to collect their copy from your local retailer, as for Zack well his Mafia 2 collectors edition will be hand delivered to his door early next week.

So if you are Zack then congratulations and please email me your physical address and cell number so I can get the courier moving.

As a side note even though this was a one entry per person competition another person named Zack De Jager entered through a different email address and the randomiser actually stuck that person on the bottom of the list. So Zack had the entire list covered.

It also raises a valid point for any competition you ever enter, to increase your chances you should enter as many times as you legally can, this generally means using different email addresses or entering with your ladies name and email address.

It pays to try as Zack can now attest to…

A big thanks to Megarom for sponsoring the prize and being generally awesome, if you want another shot at winning then head on over to their facebook page and Like it.. they are giving away a PS3 console to one lucky liker..

Oh and the answer to the question of “Which infamous Mafia boss finally saw jail time after being indicted for tax evasion?” was obviously Al Capone… or if you were really good at research you could have also said Frank Costello.

Some awesome wrong answers we received were Jacki Selebi and Brett Kebble. While local is lekker neither of those two were convicted Mafia bosses or tax evaders..

Last Updated: August 28, 2010

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