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How do you make Dragon Ball FighterZ even better? By adding Nicolas Cage to the roster

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With every punch thrown, a mountain is toppled. With every kick, continents are sliced in half. Hell, even an errant fart from the God of Destruction has the potential to shatter an entire solar system in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Lovingly designed by Guilty Gear powerhouse Arc System Works, Dragon Ball FighterZ is essential stuff for anyone with a passing interest in watching entire slabs of man-muscle collide with enough force to be registered as extinction events.

It’s fast, it’s gorgeous and the arsenal available to players borders on the ludicrous. With a roster that stretches from Super Saiyan stalwarts such as Goku and Vegeta to time-honoured characters such as Cell and Gohan, Dragon Ball FighterZ has plenty of variety within its digital locker room. The only thing the game doesn’t have? Nicolas Cage.

Well, until now that is. See, the wonderful thing about having a game on PC is that enthusiast modders live to tinker with titles and insert some madness into the mix, in this video from SLOplays that used a mod from onifox:

Yes, that’s the face of Nicolas Cage plastered onto the purple bits of Frieza. What, you thought Golden Frieza was the sum total of that galactic tyrant’s power? Buddy, not even Jiren himself can stand up to transformation that is powered by the madness of Nic “Voodoo make-up during the filming of Ghost Rider 2” Cage.

It gets even better of course, as PC Gamer uncovered this gem from of Beatz:

Which doesn’t strike me as odd at all. Way way back in the 1990s when Sonic The Hedgehog mania was at its zenith, the spiky speedster dipped into the popularity of Dragon Ball Z by introducing the Chaos Gems. Gems which allowed the quick-footed mammal to transform into Super Sonic, whose inspiration may have been a touch on the nose.

Mods like this close that circle. On the plus side, they also allow for a Sonic the Hedgehog game which people can honestly admit to having fun with for once.

Last Updated: February 13, 2018

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