Make Games SA raises R25k for bursaries

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So much money

So, last week I asked you guys to please throw money at a good cause. Two students with loads of potential needed funding to study Game Design at WITS. Well, that goal was met within three days.

In actual fact, they’ve already exceeded the amount needed, raising R25,295.77 ($2,331.46) according to the bursary page. I reached out to Make Games SA to ask them what their plans are with extra money. They told me there are plans to set up a bursary program – they were even kind enough to throw together a press release including the following statement:

“Make Games SA is a non-profit association that is focused on developing the game development industry in South Africa,” Nick Hall, MGSA committee chairperson explained. “The community has been looking at the possibility of creating our own bursary to help get more enthusiastic students studying game design but this was our first opportunity to really show our support in this way.”

Congratulations to Thsetso Radebe and Tumelo Thabane – you will be able to pursue your dreams and become game developers. I hope that you can make us all proud and make games. Honestly, I don’t even mind what type of games you make, as long as one day soon I can get my hands on one of your prototypes.

For the rest of us, well done! Gamers really can come together and throw money at good causes. This makes me far too happy. For those who planned to wait until payday to donate, please consider still doing so. Make Games SA has a relationship with lecturers at universities who are aware of these cases and will be working hard to secure bursaries for deserving students. Let’s support our local industry from the bottom up and help these aspiring game developers learn the skills to facilitate their success.

Last Updated: February 18, 2014

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