Man tries smuggling drugs via Arcade cabinet

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If you absolutely have to to smuggle drugs, there are a number of places you could try hiding them, mostly involving bits of your own body that should serve as exits instead of storage. There are probably better places to conceal narcotic contraband, but an arcade cabinet is not one of them. Luis Tyler from Orangeburg, south Carolina, found that out too late.

He tried to smuggle a sizeable amount of marijuana within a Pac-Man arcade cabinet – only to be napped by the cops, who knew about the ploy and witnessed him taking delivery of the weed-filled arcade machine.

"Federal officers and Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office conducted an undercover investigation on Luis Tyler and observed him accept delivery of full-size video game with 55 pounds of marijuana hidden inside the machine on Tuesday, April 16. Officers conducted a traffic stop seizing the Pac-Man video game, the marijuana, and Tyler’s vehicle," says Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell.(OCSO, via Kotaku)

Not without a bit of delicious irony, the press release was released to media on April 20. Or Four Twenty, if you ascribe to that particular culture. The next bit of the statement is quite a zinger, though it just seems like it’s been created by a PR copywriter.

"Our efforts to make Orangeburg safe will not stop. We are and will continue to investigate the criminals in our community and make arrests. You may be looking for a high score but what you’ll get is game over!"

Moral of the story? Pac-Man and weed do not go well together; though it does explain why that little yellow bastard is always eating everything.

Last Updated: April 24, 2013

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