Mario Kart 8 coming this May

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After Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced he was taking a pay cut, he dropped a tonne of information to reassure shareholders of Nintendo’s financial future. The announcements pertained to the mobile stuff which we covered earlier, but also that Mario Kart 8 will be released globally this May for the WiiU.

This is a good move by Nintendo to get those console selling games out there as soon as possible. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is coming February 21st and 22nd, followed by Mario Kart 8 in May. The WiiU hasn’t sold anywhere near as much as the Wii did, but both Super Mario 3D World and Windwaker HD sold a million in less than a year. Perhaps the timely release of Mario Kart 8, Tropical Freeze and maybe Smash Bros will be enough momentum to get the console really selling.

At the moment it’s hard to tell whether it will help. Mario Kart 8 has generally been well received when previewed at trade shows and the like.  I can’t help but feel that Kart racers have run their course, especially Mario Kart, the first and most prolific. Perhaps that legacy will appeal to the older demographic who remembers playing Mario Kart as a kid. Although I think the big money for Nintendo is in the younger demographic. In any case, I think their lineup of games is way stronger than it was with the Wii. Hopefully this financial quarter will be kind to them in the coming months.

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Last Updated: January 30, 2014


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