Mass Effect 2 shows its Dark Side.

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The second instalment of the Mass Effect series is well on its way, except, it doesn’t look as though it’s going to hit the same stellar impact that the first game had. If you’ve already watched the demise-filled teaser trailer (or last week’s E3 sneak peek), then you know what I’m talking about. This time around BioWare  apparently decided that they need some evil in their lives, hence the announcement by the series producer, Casey Hudson, that ME 2 will be the series’ “dark act,” who sees the game as:

“an opportunity to really explore the tougher, more brutal parts of the universe.”

Hudson went on to describe the themes of the Mass Effect trilogy’s story arc, explaining,

“In the first act you put a guy in the tree, in the second act you throw rocks at him, and in the third act you get him down.”

So who exactly are we throwing rocks at again? Anyway, I am still excited about the next episode in the trilogy, simply because the first one impressed me so much. Will it be an utter let down? Maybe? Maybe not? I’m still packing my pulse rifle into my overnight bag…just in case.

Last Updated: May 22, 2009

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