Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming in 2016

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I wasn’t expecting it, but it seems that EA wanted to impress right out of the gate, starting off with a CGI teaser from the newest game in the Mass Effect universe: Mass Effect Andromeda.

EA’s Andrew Wilson then took the stage to talk about EA’s show, promising an action-packed show. That, tiny little teaser was really all of Mass Effect that we got to see though. Andromeda is coming in 2016.

According to an earlier rumour, it’s “Set in the Helius Cluster of the Andromeda Galaxy, removed by time and space from the Mass Effect “Commander Shepard” trilogy and its ending. Play as a “Pathfinder” explorer leading expedition with the aim of establishing new home for humanity. Encounter “savage untamed lands”, “cut-throat outlaws”, and “warring alien races” in an effort to survive and colonies. Andromeda is home to a mysterious alien race, the Remnants, who’ve left their vaults and ancient technology throughout.”

Last Updated: June 15, 2015

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