Mass Effect Frozen parody will make your day

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Frozen mass effect

I know that I was late to the Mass Effect party, but since joining I’ve become a die hard fan like the rest of you. I was also late to actually see Frozen, only catching it on a plane way after everyone else. Now, they are combined and the result is as genius as it should be.

Here is the SoundCloud of “I Should Go” from geekfitgirl:

Set to the tune of “Let it go”, the song features such brilliant lines as “I’m a paragon,
but report to the ship, then we’ll bang, OK?” and “The end never bothered me anyway” I’m loving this song far too much; it’s my backing track for the day.

I’d love to see more of these musical numbers. Imagine the unexplored opportunities in just the Frozen soundtrack. Dungeon Keeper’s “Would you like to build a dungeon?” or maybe Portal “The world is an open door”. Maybe we could go for a whole bunch of reimagined Disney tracks: “I could show you the World of Warcraft” or a Dark Souls themed “You poor, unfortunate soul”. The Disney universe has plenty of room for mashups, and this one made me so happy that I can only imagine how an entire list of awesome combos could be.

C’mon people, don’t be shy – what songs do you think could fit perfectly with classic Disney (or other) songs? Also, this makes me need Mass Effect 4 even more – hurry up Bioware and show us what you’re working on.

Last Updated: June 23, 2014

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