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Mass Effect HD Remaster has been rated in Korea

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Who’s ready to do a space war again? Odds are, nearly everyone is keen to don the skin-tight boots of Commander Shepard and take it to the Reapers because why wouldn’t you? Mass Effect’s story is a timeless sci-fi classic that manages to hit all the generic beats of gathering an army to save the universe and spin them so that they’re actually compelling. Maybe because it’s the player’s involvement in selecting who fights and who survives, that level of involvement really does wonders for investment. All I know was that while Mass Effect’s story wasn’t necessarily unique or original, it was damn well told and that’s why I’m stoked to play it again… but prettier this time!


Okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. While Mass Effect: Remastered hasn’t been confirmed, a rating for the game is about as solid a lead to follow as an official press release. Over in South Korea, Mass Effect Legendary Edition was rated by the country’s classification board alongside a load of other games that no-one actually cares about because Mass Effect is mentioned on the list. Note that “Legendary Edition” isn’t “Remastered” but I have to assume that some kind of graphical improvements are coming to game.


Perhaps we could be really ballsy and say that the game(s) are launching on next-gen consoles and will feature all that fancy ray-tracing technology and… I don’t know, that’s the only buzzword I can remember off the top of my head. I doubt this is a full on remake of the trilogy in a new engine but if it is, here’s hoping they made the combat feel a little more impactful and less repetitive.

Especially you, Mass Effect 1. You know what you did.

Last Updated: October 15, 2020

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