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Rumour – Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster could be out by April 2021

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Mass Effect

Its been three years since we’ve last had a Mass Effect game and about eight years since we’ve had a good entry in the series on top of that. Ever since Mass Effect Andromeda failed to reach critical acclaim escape velocity, EA and Bioware have been absolutely mum on what’s next for the franchise, with Anthem’s woes doing nothing to convince fans that a properly good return to that universe was currently possible.

Could nostalgia possibly reignite interest in what was once of the hottest gaming brands on the planet? I’m Commander D, and I say this is my favourite hot take on the Citadel: Yes dammit. While Mass Effect original flavour might have aged horribly over the years, it’s follow-up games are still a pair of tight action-RPG experiences with some of the best corridor shooting that you could ask for, controversial colour-coded endings be damned.

They could also be making a shiny return, as Electronic Arts announced (thanks PC Gamer) that it’ll release 14 new games in the current fiscal year, which ends in Mach 2021. Sports games are a given, so a new FIFA, NHL, Madden and currently secret sportsball title already take up four slots, while their partnered studios and mobile efforts have snapped up more slots.

VentureBeat reckons that the “additional EA HD title” mentioned by EA will be a fancypants remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy, with the outlet’s resident sleuth Jeff Grubb confidently tweeting about it:

Grubb I know you’re a fantastic joker online, but don’t do this to me. Don’t give me hope. If EA is looking to create the complete wham bam thak you ma’am edition of the first three Mass Effect games, there’s going to be a lot of material to throw into the mix. Lair of the Shadow Broker, Project Firewalker and Leviathan were just some of the great DLC offerings that came after launch for these games, while Mass Effect 3’s horde-mode multiplayer was surprisingly good stuff at the time.

An HD remaster of me accidentally killing Tali again when I choose between an army of nigh-unstoppable robot AI and a fleet of space hobos? I don’t know if I’m ready for that.

Last Updated: May 7, 2020

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