Massive Guitar hero Tournament a Great success

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Two things were set in stone this weekend at rage regarding Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock, firstly Megarom, the Lair and Gamerlobby can pull of some really great competitions and secondly DarthPenguin sure as hell can play Guitar Hero, although he’s rather lucky he’s playing on expert cause if he played on medium he would have to face me.

The registrations for the competition have been coming thick and fast since early September and with over 130 competitors, 65 for each category medium and legends, the competition was no small feat. In fact  it took all 3 days of rage, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to get through the matches.

The Lair was tasked with taking charge of the completion and besides a couple of no shows (with 130 people I’m not that surprised) and a slight scoring error that was quickly fixed it ran smoothly with minimal interruptions and perfectly according to schedule. There were a few people who saw the infamous DarthPenguin and immediately withdrew their entries which was sad, as there were prizes up to 5th place for the legendary comp.


The comp was run on the big Megarom Interactive, MTNLoaded and Xbox360â„¢ stage, and really made the competitors out to be the “rock stars” they were impersonating. After a chat to Devon from Megarom he had this to say “The vibe was exactly like I pictured Guitar Hero to be, especially when these “athletes” where brought on stage to perform and we had crowds of people standing in awe of the talent these guys displayed. I think my personal defining moment was when DarthPenguin finished play “Through the Fire and Flames – Dragon Force” on Expert and he was asked to autograph guitar hero shirts. This just shows gamers can be more than geeks or nerds, we can all be celebrities in our own right, it was indeed a great day for gaming”.

Here’s a list of the winners and the awesome gear they won.

Legendary winners:

1. Mark “Darth Penguin” Dennison1x Guitar Hero World Tour Super Bundle (includes EVERYTHING!) + An Xbox 360 with the new 60GB drive + JBL Spot Speakers
2. Fabio Leitao – 1x Guitar Hero World Tour Game + Microphone + JBL Spot Speakers
3. Chris Lombaard – 1x Guitar Hero World tour Game + JBL Speakers
4. Danny day – 1x JBL Spot Speakers
5. Ian white – 1x JBL Spot Speakers

The top five players also received a XBOX360/PS3/Wii Faceplate for their Guitars!


1. Nathan Ribeiro – 1x JBL Speakers, 1 x T-Shirt, 1 x Faceplate
2. Thome Valentin – 1x JBL Speakers, 1 x T-Shirt, 1 x Faceplate
3. Andrew Kirton – 1x JBL Speakers, 1 x T-Shirt, 1 x Faceplate

Once again congratulations to everyone.

Last Updated: October 7, 2008

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