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Master Chief returns in this Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn trailer

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Dammit, I thought Beyonce was remixing one of her best songs when I heard this news. Friday the 13th sucks today!

Master Chef Chief returns later this year, kicking off an all new trilogy for the decade old Halo series of games. Truth be told, I’m kinda excited for it, unlike certain other grouches in the office. And what better way to get reacquainted with the helmeted one, than with some live-action, er, action!


Costing between $5-$10 million produce, Forward Unto Dawn will tie in to the upcoming Halo 4, as Master Chief finds himself battling the new series enemies, while inspiring a young cadet who goes on to become the leader of the UNSC spacecraft Infinity.

The series of five 15 minute videos was shot earlier this year in Vancouver, Canada, and stars Daniel Cudmore, who you might recognise as Colossus from the X-Men films, as the physical actor for the infamous Spartan soldier.

“We want this piece to do all the things that a game, by virtue of being a game, can’t,” Forward Unto Dawn executive Lydia Antonini said to the LA Times. “When you have real people, you can have real stakes and make connections.”

“It’s really important to us that this is a stand-alone product that can make money on its own,” said Matt McCloskey, franchise business management director for Halo 4 developer 343 Industries.

Looks pretty cool, right? After Mortal Kombat shook things up with that fantastic web-series last year, I’m hoping that more and more games attempt to shed more light on their respective universes, by hitting the Youtube trail.

It’s not as if the cash we spend paying our TV licenses results in programs that we want to see anyway.

Last Updated: July 13, 2012

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