Honestly I think we're all winners

The first match of our two match DOTA 2 weekend where we’ve taken the best teams from both countries has been played and the local kings of DOTA, Energy eSports, took the win with two straight matches.

I’d love to give you the full rundown but unfortunately I was at a wedding and couldn’t watch the games but I’ll ask Zoe to do a nice article on that tomorrow.

Today though we have some news. Unfortunately due to what I saw as bullying by the local DOTA 2 community on Facebook the local team lined up to play against Aztec Gaming tonight has decided to pull out.

Things got pretty heated in the original thread which now appears to be deleted but to sum it all up. I got called lots of names, I called them names, they hate me, I am ambivalent to them and life goes on.

Fun times…

Anyway more importantly after all the abuse Sector 17 were given for not being good enough to play not a single team has stepped forward to take on the second best team in Mexico. Call it fear, indifference or just plain spite I don’t know but I still think it’s disgraceful.

However Richard Sjoberg has stepped up to the plate by rounding up the old DOTA 1 national team, or most of them at least, and they will now be taking on Aztec Gaming tonight which will hopefully be streamed as well and I really hope to watch this one.

The team with the guts to stand up to the expected Facebook abuse are eZ.Dota and they are made up of

Richard ‘DeMoNiK’ Sjoberg (Dota 1 Protea)
Marc ‘saidin’ Bowers (Dota 1 protea)
Dale ‘ frenzy’ Haricombe (Immersion Bashers)
Matthew ‘pills’ Hacking (KKNP)
Rocco ‘Aion’ Vivier

To the guys giving me all the abuse on Facebook, I will happily answer all your questions and criticisms here where conversations can be threaded and will not be deleted.

eZ.Dota, we wish you the very best of luck and Sector 17 thanks for stepping forward when the haters wouldn’t. I understand why you dropped out and I’m sure we can work together in the future to make hese guys eat their words.

Last Updated: October 13, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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