Meet Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s secret DLC character

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The beauty of Borderlands, isn’t just in the guns. It’s in the characters. From sociopathic cyborgs to puppy-strangling bandit-killers, the games are filled with a cast that make killing less horrific than it should actually be and quite fun actually. There are four such characters to start the Pre-Sequel out with. And a rather flashy new one is on the way.

Thanks to some handy dandy data-mining, it looks like your next Borderlands character (Out soon for purchase, kids!) will be “Aurelia the Baroness”. I’m personally hoping that her last name is Marcus, so that I can relive some scenes from Gladiator. According to the rather handsome TechnoJacker via MP1st , the files for Aurelia can be found in the upcoming patch, which are available if you subscribe to the beta channel for the game.

Aurelia of course isn’t the only character on the way, with a body double of Handsome Jack himself also being part of the season pass/DLC for the Pre-Sequel. I’m kind of curious to see what kind of skills a Baroness brings to the game. I bet they’re all flashy and way above your pay-grade. Like siccing peasants on bandits, sending wave after wave of serf to die and absorb bullets until the Pandoran scum run out of ammo, making them ripe for the kill.

This of course, is yet another reason why I’m not allowed to develop games.

Last Updated: October 16, 2014

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