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Meet the Akrids: Genessa and Bolsepia

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In the latest iteration of Lost Planet, players get to explore the world as it was during the ice age. While most flora and fauna were different, some were hardy enough to survive in any climate.


Genessa are immobile and seemingly non-sentient Akrids. They do not attack, but rather spawn out small Akrid, such as Sepias and Bolsepias. While they may seem unaware, they spawn more Akrid the closer a player gets, hinting that they may be aware of threats and spawn Akrid as a defense. They are relatively weak and easy to kill, just don’t get swarmed!


Bolsepia are a subspecies of Sepia and can be spawned by Genessa. Their enlarged heads hold Thermal Energy, causing a wide area of damage when they explode. The explosions can be triggered by being shot, or if players get too close, causing them to swell and burst. At least they don’t have triple jaws!

Last Updated: August 27, 2013

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