Meet the Booska–The Gears of War Noobtube

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Possibly the most irritating aspect of the old Modern Warfare 3 title was the noobtube, or to give it the real name, the grenade launcher.

It got its nickname from new players with very little skill simply using it to randomly fire explosives all over the map and taking the free kills as they came. It took very little skill to use and really got in the way of the planned tactics and skills of the more advanced players.

Over the years it has been toned down in the Call of Duty series and now appears to have found a new home in the upcoming Gears of War: Judgement title.

Whether this ends up being a nice new addition to the series or turns into the noobtube of Gears is still unknown.

Oh and while we have you here why not take a trip around one of the new maps coming to Gears of War: Judgement.

Gondola takes place on a mountainside village which really plays of the verticality of the new series.

Gears of War: Judgement is coming to the Xbox 360 on the 21st of March and as an extra bonus the price isn’t eye watering.

Last Updated: February 22, 2013

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    ROFL noobtube

  • Deon Steyn

    noobtube? That’s very very cute. It would seem most COD players weren’t born during the Quake era. What would they then call people who prefer the rocket launcher and rocket jump through the map. Or the flack cannon in Unreal tournament?

    • Trevor Davies

      Or while playing Quake launching a few grenades into a room where a couple of other players are doing their best to kill one another then going on your merry way. Screams of outrage – priceless.

  • FoxOneZA

    Same has launching a sticky grenade in the last moments of being taken down.

    • Wtf101

      The Bastards!

      • Trevor Davies

        Exactly, it’s unsporting to try to take you with them, they should rather stand in awe at your amazing skill while their life slowly drains away. What happened to gentlemen gamers? 😉

        • Wtf101

          Or maybe you should stand in awe of their brilliant tactics, really. Just because you are shooting the shit out of me doesn’t mean I am not going to try and kill you right back, you know? 🙂

          • FoxOneZA

            Hahahaha! Kamikaze FTW!

          • Trevor Davies

            but… but… I am invincible. Invincible I say!

  • Wait… It was MW2 the one with the noobtubing.

    And there are grenade launchers in every game… As long as you can see them coming (which in MW2 it was almost impossible), it’s alright. And according to the video, you’ll hear the sound of it bouncing on the wall and the nades look bright, so it’ll all come down to know where you’re stepping.

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