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Meet the Brotherhood of the Penis in Rust

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isn't it awfully nice

I’m currently rolling in imaginary cash after correctly predicting that survival games were the big cash cow in gaming. One game at the top of that list? Rust, which starts you off naked and has players work their way up towards pants, huts and shotguns. But for some players, the pants were never part of their master-plan.

I pity the fool that encounters the Brotherhood of the Penis in Rust. Your choices are simple if the Second Coming ever catches you. Either die in your tightey whities, or strip down and prepare to be initiated. Here’s the rather not safe for work for you to see what I’m talking about:

I love this kind of lunacy in games. It sure beats killing someone and taking all their possessions, although that does eventually happen in Rust. But a cult of penis-worshipping lunatics? Now that just makes me want to play the game now.

Of course, I’ll need a sufficient hook with which to start my cult, from where I shall administer shotgun-based life lessons…Anyone for a cult that worships cats?

Last Updated: February 6, 2014

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