Meet the fashionable Xperia T3

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Xperia T3

You guys know I’m just oh so popular, right? I mean, I’m way more fun and outgoing than the guys, plus I like to play dress up. Okay, it’s probably just that fashionable part that caused it, but I was invited to a launch (yes, another one) this past week and it was really rather awesome.

Wednesday night I ventured into that neighborhood I’ve been told to avoid since arriving in this country: Braamfontein. Nestled on Juta street is the seriously rad boutique where the launch was held, Parooz – a fitting locale considering how fashionable the phone turned out to be.

I suppose the T3 is something of a “mid-range” smartphone from Sony – it’s not as top of the line as the Z2 that I’m currently testing out, but geez it’s still an impressive piece of tech. It’s currently the thinnest phone on the South African market, only 7.5mm thick. Just check out my hipster picture where I’m holding a few of them in my girly little hands.

The phone has an 8MP camera and uses Sony’s Exmor RS that lets you take better pictures in “challenging lighting conditions”. It’s also got all the usual apps, bells and whistles that you’d expect from a Sony mobile device, including an easy transfer system if you’re finally abandoning your hipster ways of iOS. I got to speak to the funny-and-personable-in-real-life Andrew Fraser about why this phone is so cool – check out the video (filmed on a Z2):

So, they kept pushing the idea that the phone was sleek, thin, metallic with a splash of color and would make people stand out from the crowd. I’m sure that will make it appealing to many of the more fashion conscious among you, but I was just won over by how nicely designed it is. The back has that matte, carbon-fiber feel and the phone is ridiculously light – only 148 grams.

Oh, who am I kidding, you guys just said that you liked seeing me talk to important people in companies, so I made another video of me doing just that.

Last Updated: August 8, 2014

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