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Megagamer questions answers

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So after I received the press release last week about MegaGamers I sent them a few questions just to try and get some clarity on a few things… Well they answered straight away and I have now finally gotten around to posting them.

Q. Why was the MegaGamers Club Created?

Devon Stanton, marketing co-ordinator at Megarom Interactive had this to say.

Jason Borea, Marketing Director at Megarom and I are gamers and we are members of the various community forums. We realised that a lot of gamers would really like to know more about the industry and would like to feel more included by gaming distributors. “
“We tested our concept by inviting 20 community members to the Call of Duty 4 event that was held in November last year and this proved to be a massive success which made us realise that we want to offer community members this type of opportunity on a more frequent basis

While Candice Gersun the Public Relations Manager adds in

We want gamers to be able to interact with us ‘industry insiders’, to ask questions and to provide us with feedback.” “The MegaGamers Club will enable gamers to have the chance to do so at various events

Q. When is the first MegaGamers event?

We have some awesome titles releasing in March like Lost, Guitar Hero 3, Rainbow Six Vegas 2….
MegaGamers will be notified of the first event date within the next few weeks. Only MegaGamer members will be notified of these event dates which is why it is so important to sign up as a member

Personally I am a bit wary of any public relations events modelled after Lost… Just in case they get a little over eager with the realism. Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 may be cool, give us some automatic weapons and we can go storm Montecasino 🙂

Q. What’s the cost involved

There are no costs involved- no sign up costs and no costs at the actual events. The member will have to organise their own transport to the event

Fair enough, lets see if we can get enough coastal guys to sign up so that Megarom can throw a coastal get together?

Q. How exactly do I become a member?

To become a member you will  first need to register on the Megarom Website: http://www.megarom.co.za/register.aspx , followed by which you will need to  e-mail [email protected] with the subject line “Megagamers Club” We’ll verify your account with the e-mail address you’ve given us and users will be put on a separate database.

Soon we’ll hopefully have a system that will make this automatic but for now we’re doing it the old fashioned way

Q. Do we get any free things like shirts or games (you all want it)

If we have promotional items available then you may receive a promotional item as one of the benefits of being a MegaGamer Club member.

MegaGamer Club members will also have access to exclusive competitions where one can win games, exclusive promotional items etc.

So you are not going to be showered in 42″ Plasma’s but you may get some cool things…

Q. Do I get a membership card?

No, not at this stage.

Pity, how can I prove my membership to all my friends now 🙂

Okay that’s it, thanks to Megarom for answering and I have to say I think it’s a fantastic thing that they are doing with the community. They get to be more in touch with what the community wants and the community gets to go to some cool events and chat to the insiders… Not a bad idea at all.

Last Updated: February 4, 2008

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