Megarom Interactive – First MegaGamers Club Event

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By Philip Dunkley


Megarom Interactive is one of South Africa’s ever growing game distributors, and seems to not only focus on making money from gaming, but also proactively growing the gaming community in the country. So was born the MegaGamers Club, an initiative to give gamers the chance to get a bit of a peek into the world of gaming, get a chance to see and play some games before release and win some great prizes in the process.

The first event for this newly established club was held at Megarom’s offices two weeks back on Friday. We were also invited to this event, and got a chance to meet some of the gamers that keep our industry ticking.

Megarom provided everyone with Pizza and cooldrink, which was a great touch, cause I was starved when I arrived, and I was professionally contacted on Thursday to find out what pizza I would prefer.

Upon arrival, we were all greeted by Devon from Megarom, and swiftly given our food and drink, a free Call of Duty 4 Shirt, and got a chance to meet each other in an informal setting. We were then shown a few videos of some upcoming games, with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, causing quite a stir with the guys.

Then came the real stuff, starting off with a bit of Guitar Hero III, and some guys being rather surprised at the quality of this game, and this turned into a bit of a competition later on in the event, with the winners taking a copy of the new Lost game home for their efforts. BTW, Devon is pretty good at this game, so anyone want to challenge him at the next event??

We then got to the meat of the event, with previews of 2 Games being released by Megarom on show. The first was Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and the preview is on the site currently.

This next game was Lost, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that this game actually grabbed my interest, but then again, I am a Lost Fan. The Review is currently on our site too.

Overall, the day was very enjoyable, and I applaud Megarom for their foresight and openness to the gaming community. Fun was had by all, and I know for a fact I will attend the next one, so sign up at to join the club, and get a chance to be first in line to see the latest games and attend some really cool events.

Thanks to Devon for organising this event, we do appreciate it a lot.

Last Updated: March 19, 2008

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