Metal Gear Rising DLC to serve as a story prequel

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By now, you’ve mastered Zan-datsu. You can take down a Metal Gear Gecko with minimal effort and you’ve probably discovered that you can also dodge unblockable attacks. So what’s next for Metal Gear Rising, the game that I love oh so much? DLC of course! And not just some fluff costume changes either, as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, will have you stepping into the cybernetics of two boss characters when that DLC rolls around.

Platinum Games has confirmed that the upcoming content drop will have players engaging in missions that take place before the game, as Jetstream Sam and LQ-84i. Sam was the anti-Raiden of the game,a  swordsman of unbelievable skill that wielded a crimson sword, while LQ-84i was the robotic wolf that attacked players early on in the game with a chainsaw tale. Let me back that up for you: A robot wolf. With a chainsaw for a tail. It doesn’t get any more insane than that.

Speaking to Polygon, chief story writer Etsu Tamari explained that Platinum wanted to shed more light as to why Jetstream Sam had joined forces with the mercenary group Desperado, seeing as how he had a more morally ambiguous nature in the game, and tie that in with Blade Wolf and his quest for understanding freedom through the eyes of his mentor, Raiden;

We don’t directly explain why Sam works with Desperado in the main story. So that content goes a little bit more into detail on it. The Blade Wolf sub-story depicts a mission it’s running with Mistral before the encounter with Raiden. Both of them serve as prequels to their roles in the main game.

I told people that a cyborg needs a canine partner, and I stood really firm on that. I had trouble figuring out what sort of position it would take in the game, and eventually I came up with the idea that Raiden would take over the ‘teacher’ role for Blade Wolf, the way that Snake was his mentor in MGS2.

Sounds decent, and better than just a quick cash-in with some new skins and visuals. COUGH “Capcom!” Cough! Hopefully, there’ll be a rad boss fight included as well, as that is one aspect where Platinum Games really shone in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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Last Updated: March 7, 2013

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