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Metal Gear Rising would have been dull without stealth

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I’m excited for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which is also high on my list for having a ludicrously awesome name. Grammatical mind-bombs aside, MGR is promising to be an action-heavy game, but one that hasn’t forgotten the stealth and espionage roots of it’s predecessors, according to Platinum Games.

According to Platinum’s Atsushi Inaba, MGR would have been “very dull” (Like a blade! Ha!), if the game had just focused on being a Roberto simulator. “In the beginning, we wrapped around the core concept of just having Raiden moving forward,” Inaba said to Shack News. “It was based on sole action. But looking back, it would have been very dull and very centered around just cutting.”

We think that players would [have] just given up on it, so we needed to have more options and variety and that’s when we decided to include a lot more stealth and different routes where players can really flex on their play style.

Which translates to the action on screen, as Raiden keeps moving forward, using the ability to parry attacks instead of blocking them, and staying on a constant offensive march in the game.

Having Raiden moving forward, we never want him blocking or moving sideways in order to defend himself. We always want him on the offensive. So when he moves and parries something, it connects to his next combo.

As a character and as the concept, we wanted to keep in line with that.

See Metal Gear fans? There is some small modicum of stealth in the game after all! Which hopefully translates to MGR being more of a game, unlike the interactive films that the previous Metal Gear Solid games were.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is out early next year on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Last Updated: December 12, 2012

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