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Stealthy assassin game Aragami 2 launches in September

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You ever play Aragami? It was a great little stealth game that released back 2016. Players assumed the role of the titular Aragami, a sneaky assassin with supernatural powers that manifested when he was standing in shadows. It was a great little game with some cool powers, tight controls and damn good co-op mode. It seems enough people enjoyed it to fortunately warrant a sequel out of developer Lince Works, which is music to the ears of everyone who misses the bygone era of the stealth genre. A release date of 17 September was confirmed for Aragami 2 in a recently dropped gameplay trailer.

If you enjoyed the original game’s mix of supernatural murder and traditional sword-to-neck stealth then you’ll be pleased by what you’re watching. A new-flame wielding enemy has swarmed the Rashomon Valley and Aragami, alongside his team ninja cohorts, must defending it from the oncoming flames. The trailer shows off a variety of darkness-powered abilities, including a short range teleport, a quicker dash for darting behind enemies, knives seemingly forged from shadow and just full-blown invisibility. Feels like that’s cheating for a ninja but what do I know? Lince Works also showed a brief snippet of the game’s skill tree which looks dense but not sprawling.


One-on-one combat also looks slicker. The original Aragami suffered from a clunky combat system that felt more like a punishment to players who were exposed than a full realised idea. Swordplay has seemingly been improved but that’s probably not a great excuse to stride confidently into enemy bases and declare your presence ALA Ghost of Tsushima.

Aragami 2 launches on 17 September for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Last Updated: May 28, 2021

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