Metal Gear Solid – 1st Review

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Go get them Snake... So it begins… the first Metal Gear Solid 4 review is in and it’s a beauty.

The official UK PlayStation magazine (not the most unbiased publication in the world) has published the first review of Metal Gear Solid 4 giving it a perfect 10/10.

In the same issue they review GRiD which comes in with 9/10 and the highly expectant American Idol Encore…. someone shoot me now.

Anyway back to the main point, what really interests me about this game is that they apparently tie off every single loose end that has been left over the 21 years that Snake has graced our silver screens.

It sounds like if you are a fan of the MGS series then this game is going to be a thing of beauty, a glorified sending off of one of the most famous gaming icons in our generation.

Follow the links below to see some magazine scans and a bit of the innards of the game. Nothing is given away here that we don’t already know from the trailers.

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Last Updated: May 12, 2008

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